Shiitake 3782 Mushroom

Shiitake 3782 Mushroom

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🖐️ Handmade
📦 Materials: Hardwood Dowels, Mushroom Spawn, Liquid Culture




  • excellent all year round strain
  • very fast incubation
  • quality fruit bodies
  • very tolerant in humid conditions
  • suited for pasteurized as well as sterilized substrate


This Shiitake is very versatile.  When grown at temperatures below 18°C, it produces beautiful fruit bodies of the donko-type: dark-brown, nicely scaled, heavy and slender-stemmed, mushrooms have a good shelf life.  In warmer growing circumstances the flesh becomes thinner and the colour lighter.  Mushrooms also appear between flushes. With cultivation on sterilized substrate blocks, a ripening phase of 4-5 months needs to be taken into account. This strain is very popular in Europe.


The item include:

 • 1 baggie containing High quality fresh sterile mushroom seeds spawn.

The item include:

• 20 High quality fresh sterile mushroom plugs.

Liquid culture
The item include:

• 10 ml Mushroom liquid culture of your choice


More info about Shiitake 3782 Mushroom here.


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