Shimeji White Mushroom

Shimeji White Mushroom

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🖐️ Handmade
📦 Materials: Hardwood Dowels, Mushroom Spawn, Liquid Culture


  • tasty mushroom
  • good storage


Beautiful white, clustering mushroom. The so-called "Shimeji" found its way around the world after the big commercial successes in Japanese bottle farms. The snow white, smooth caps are often harvested at a diameter of ca. 2 cm, in clumps and before the caps open, while fully grown mushrooms can reach a diameter of 7 to 9 cm.


The item include:

 • 1 baggie containing High quality fresh sterile mushroom seeds spawn.

The item include:

• 20 High quality fresh sterile mushroom plugs.

Liquid culture
The item include:

• 10 ml Mushroom liquid culture of your choice


  More info about Shimeji White Mushroom here.


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